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Mice — Stanford

Pig + liver — Futurism

Aging — Clinical OMICS

Telomere Shortening: A Major Cause Of Aging

Aging is thought to have many causes. DNA damage, biological stress, and depletion of stem cells are just a few. However, a theory that has a lot of support is telomere shortening.

Stress — Economic Times

Human evolution — Britannica

Genetic Engineering — Wikipedia

Progeria and the cell

Progeria, or Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome, is a rare genetic disorder that causes premature aging in young children. This aging is often so significant that the average lifespan of a child with progeria is just 14 years.

Reversing Aging — The Independent

The Biology of Old Age

There are many suggested causes of old age. Telomere shortening, DNA damage, and depletion of stem cells are just a few of the proposed sources.

Llama — Wikipedia

Nanobodies: Small, but Strong

Antibodies (aka immunoglobulins) are fundamental to almost every vertebrate’s immune system. Antibodies are proteins generated by plasma cells that bind to the outside of pathogens or any other things that trigger the immune systems. …

Cancer cells being attacked by the immune system — News Medical

Cancer and Mutations

At its core, each cancer cell is just a malfunctioning cell. Cancer cells grow and reproduce tirelessly, while draining resources without producing anything for the body, to an extent that is dangerous. This abnormal growth and reproduction is caused by one thing: mutations.

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